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The Importance of Partnerships

Too often the world of education and the world of work are seen as separate environments that have no connection.  But meeting Alaska’s workforce needs requires not only initial education and training, but continuous learning as workforce needs and technologies evolve.  Strong partnerships that support and coordinate activities between educators, employers, and government are critical in the development of a qualified workforce that is adequate to meet Alaska’s current and future economic demands.

More Alaska Employers Recognize WorkKeys® Assessments

There are at least 25 employers or programs in Alaska that now either require or recognize the NCRC or some combination of WorkKeys® tests. View the entire list on the Alaska Career Ready Website.

Tech Prep Fills Industry Work Gaps

Through the efforts of the Alaska Tech Prep Consortium, a collaboration of high school, college, and business and industry partners, students get a head start on their career plans and are provided opportunities to successfully connect and transition into Alaska’s workforce.

Alaska Tech Prep

Registered Apprenticeship

This is a highly flexible training and workforce development model that combines on-the-job learning, related instruction and paid work experience. Apprenticeship allows employers to establish the standards of proficiency, while developing a local and loyal workforce.

TIE, Teacher-Industry Externships

The Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium sponsors an industry-driven program, TIE (Teachers Industry Externships) that sponsors both CTE and academic teachers in summer externships in their local industry settings, to provide teachers with a better understanding of industry work environments and job opportunities that they can communicate to their students.



School Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship agreements with high school CTE programs allows students interested in specific careers the chance to earn priority enrollment and credit for coursework in union apprenticeship programs once they have successfully completed their high school CTE sequence of classes. There are currently 7 union organizations that have apprenticeship agreements with one or more Alaska school districts.

School Apprenticeship

HB 61

Alaska HB 61 was signed into law in 2008. It provides tax credits for cash donations to high school CTE programs and state-operated vocational technical education and training schools. It provides additional incentives to industry to directly support high school and post high school CTE programs that are an essential part of providing the workforce that Alaska requires to support a healthy economy.

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