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Alaska Workforce Investment Board
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Executive Committee Archived Information

May 11, 2004 Meeting Documents

March 9, 2004 Meeting Documents

January 13, 2004 Meeting Documents

December 9, 2003 Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Documents:
      November 2003 Minutes
      Executive Director's Report
      Blueprint Tool
Vocational Education Work Products:
      Seamless Education
      Vocational Education Status Report Update
      Limits & Durations of Support Services
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VTEP Funding Proposal
Strategic Plan Presentation

2003 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2003
The committee chose a date for the next AWIB meeting – October 23 & 24, 2003. The committee deferred action on the AVTEC foundation proposal until the September 9 committee meeting. The committee also deferred action on the One-Stop MOU and asked staff to poll members after they’d had time to review the document. The committee deferred action on the Perkins reauthorization position paper until it’s condensed into a higher-level executive summary.

September 9, 2003
MOU: Mike Shiffer said he researched and reviewed public comments on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Alaska Job Center partners, including the AWIB, the Employment Security Division, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, The Division of Public Assistance, the Division of Teacher and Learning Support, and the Division of Senior and Disability Services and made appropriate adjustments to specific activities. The Employment & Placement Committee gave it a “stamp of approval” and it is ready to go forward to the Executive Committee. Barbara Stallone made a motion to accept the MOU. Mona McAleese seconded the motion. No objection was heard and the MOTION passed.

Reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 – A Position Paper was discussed. Public comments were received, reviewed and integrated into the paper. Colleen Ward made a motion to accept the paper. Barbara Stallone seconded the motion and the MOTION passed unanimously. Ms. Ward agreed to take it to the Workforce Readiness Committee to decide how the paper will be utilized.

October 14, 2003
The committee reviewed the draft Performance Management Model for AWIB. It’s a working document incorporating the AWIB’s old strategic plan into an outcome-based model for the board’s consideration at the October 23 strategic planning session.

The committee also took under consideration a revised board resolution, 02-15, put forward by the Workforce Readiness Committee. Ms. Ward said the change makes clear that the outcomes of training and education programs shall lead to or result in an accredited post-secondary certificate or degree, among other things. Colleen Ward made a motion to accept the amended 02-15. Susan Denison seconded the motion, and the MOTION passed unanimously.


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