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Alaska Workforce Investment Board
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February 2010 AWIB Meeting

February 22, 2010

Board Orientation and Briefings
AWIB Roster
       • New Board Member Bio - Larry Bell


Call to Order (Chair Lynch)
Roll Call (Director Cashen)
Opening Remarks – Chair Lynch
Welcome – Commissioner Bishop

*Statewide CTE Plan Update
       • Cover Letter
       • Executive Summary
       • Overview
       • Timeline


*RTC/RAC Report

*AWIB Nov/Dec 2009 Newsletter
*AWIB Jan/Feb 2010 Newsletter

*AWIB Training Plan Template
       • AWIB Workforce Development Strategic Plan
       • AWIB Workforce Development Appendix A
       • AWIB Workforce Development Appendix B

       • Proposed STEP Regulations Public Comment


Reports to the AWIB
       • Workforce Development Budget Update – Guy Bell
       • Legislative Update – Paula Scavera Briefings on Service Delivery Programs - DOLWD
       • Division of Business Partnerships
               ◦ Performance Handout
               ◦ Program Expenditure Participant Detail
               ◦ Priority Industry Training Cost Report for SFY2009
               ◦ GF Investment for Gasline Occupations
       • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
       • Employment Security Division
       • Gasline and Registered Apprenticeship Updates – Gerry Andrews
       • Research and Analysis Update – Brynn Keith

Wrap-Up and Adjourn

AWIB Legislative Visits

Reception – Goldbelt Hotel - Zen

February 23, 2010 – Business Meeting (Lunch Provided)


Call to Order (Chair Lynch)
Roll Call (Director Cashen)
Agenda Approval
Next Meeting Date - May 3rd and 4th, 2010

Public Testimony

Distinguished Guests


Healthcare Workforce Development Plan Update

Committee Meetings – WR/EP/PP/AE/Youth


Committee Reports
       • Assessment & Evaluation Committee Report
       • Assessment & Evaluation Committee Roster
       • Legislative Committee Report
       • Legislative Committee Roster
       • Policy & Planning Committee Report
       • Policy & Planning Committee Roster
       • Workforce Readiness & Employment & Placement Committee Report
       • Workforce Readiness & Employment & Placement Committee Roster
       • Youth Council Report
       • Youth Council Roster


AWIB Review of Proposed STEP Regulations
       • Notice of Change
       • Additional Notice of Information
       • Regulation Language

Action Items
       • October 2009 AWIB Meeting Minutes

       • Resolution Number 10-01 – Resolution in Support of Changes in Title 8 of the
       Alaska Administrative Code for the State Training and Employment Program (STEP)
       Regulations DRAFT

       • Resolution Number 10-02 – Resolution in Support of Strengthening Career and Technical
       Education in Alaskan Schools DRAFT

Vocational Administrator/Instructor of the Year Awards
       • Vocational Education Awards Nominations Summary
       • Vocational Education Awards Nominations Recipients Biographies

Wrap-up and Adjourn




Alaska Workforce Investment Board

Business Partnerships
Administrative Services
Research & Analysis
To Contact AWIB:
(888) 412-4742
(907) 269-7489
Mailing Address:
Alaska Workforce Investment Board
550 W. 7th Ave. Ste. 1930
Anchorage, AK  99501


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