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Division of Labor Standards and Safety

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Forms and Publications

The following documents are posted in Adobe PDF format.  Please make sure you have the latest version (which is currently 6.0) of the Free Acrobat Reader before downloading. 

bullet Wage Claim Form
bullet Mechanical Inspection Forms and Publications
bullet Information Request Form
bullet New! Filing Certified Payrolls Online
          Notice of Work
          Notice of Completion of Public Works
bullet Certified Payroll Forms - Effective July 1, 2003
          (To download excel worksheets, right-click on the link and select 'save target as')
          Bi-Weekly Certified Payroll Forms:                 Adobe Acrobat        Excel Worksheet
          Revised Weekly Certified Payroll Forms:      Adobe Acrobat        Excel Worksheet
bullet Determination of Zone of Underemployment and Eligible Occupations PDF
bullet Flexible Work Hour Plan
bullet OSH Manager's Handbook
bullet Work Permit
bullet Entertainment Work Permitto be used ONLY in the entertainment industry
(8 AAC 05.900(a)(7) )
bullet Minimum Wage Exemption for Handicapped Persons PDF
bullet Employment Practices and Working Conditions (Pamphlet 100)
bullet Youth Employment - Net Fishing
bullet Employment of Children (Pamphlet 200)
bullet Labor and Workers’ Compensation and Employment Services(Pamphlet 300)
bullet Title 36-Public Contracts (Pamphlet 400)
bullet Title 36 Complaint form

Laborers' and Mechanics' Minimum Rates of Pay (Pamphlet 600)

Documents can also be requested by email:

bullet E-mail our Juneau Office
bullet E-mail our Anchorage Office
bullet E-mail our Fairbanks Office

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