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Mechanical Inspection Section

Reciprocal Electrician Journeyman License

The state of Alaska has reciprocal agreements for Electrical Journeyman with the
following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Nebraska,
New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah

NOTE: On May 1, 2011, at the state of Wyoming’s request, the Electrical
Journeyman Reciprocal Agreement with the state of Alaska will end.

NOTE: Alaska no longer has reciprocal agreements
with the states of Oregon, Idaho or Washington.

To apply for a reciprocal electrical journeyman's license please
supply the following information (in addition to the application):
A copy of the current Electrical Journeyman License from one of the above mentioned reciprocal states.
** NOTE** You must have held this license for at least one year and the license must be active at the time of reciprocation. You must have tested for the license you are using to reciprocate.
A copy of a current picture ID (driver's license, state ID, etc.).
Passport or digital photo at least 2”x2”. Must be a clear head and shoulders view, taken against a white or very light colored background. 
Required fees. Total of $250.00 ($50.00 application fee and $200.00 - 2 year license fee). Make checks payable to the State of Alaska.

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