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Wage Claims

Wage Claim Form

Employee Requirements for Wage Claims:

  1. Respond to all questions received from the agency investigator as soon as possible
  2. Give documentation as follows:
    • Complete and correct statements of your position, including all important dates
    • All written records, contracts, check stubs, receipts, time cards, vouchers, daily logs, calendars
    • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all persons who have information, or whom you may wish to call at a conference to testify in support of your decision
    • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all managers, supervisors, owners or offices of the employer with whom you dealt concerning your job, wages or benefits
  3. Keep the investigator informed of any changes in your address or telephone number
  4. Attend the conference when scheduled. If you fail to appear, it could hurt your case
Patience and cooperation from both you and the employer are necessary to the successful and fair handling of your claim.

Employer Requirements for Wage Claims:

Pay Periods

The employer must pay the employee at least once a month on regular paydays.

If employment is terminated by the employer, regardless of the cause the termination, payment is due within three working days after the termination. If the employment is terminated by the employee, payment is due at the next regular pay day that is at least three days after the employer received notice of the employee's termination of services.

Deductions from Wages

An employer may not withhold, deduct or divert any part of an employee's pay except for:

  1. Requirements to do so by state or federal law
  2. Other legal deductions authorized by the employee (some deductions are not allowed by law)

Employer Records

An employer must keep an accurate record of an employee's name, address and occupation, daily and weekly hours worked, and the wages paid each pay period. The records must be kept for three years.


If an employer has more than three employees, overtime must be paid at one and one-half times the straight-time rate for any hours worked over eight in a day or 40 straight time hours in a week (if non-exempt) employee.

Minimum Wage

Alaska's minimum wage is $7.15 per hour as of 01/01/2003.