DATE: April 30, 2001      NO:  01-52

CONTACT: Jim Sanders 
PHONE: (907) 269-7490  

Department of Labor and Workforce Development

News Release

Senator Stevens to Review and Consider Submitted Proposals for Funding

The Alaska Human Resource Investment Council (AHRIC) along with United States Senator Ted Stevens is soliciting a list of projects that meets Alaska’s vocational and technical education and training needs. 

AHRIC is soliciting the proposals on behalf of Senator Stevens to guide decisions relating to regional training programs in Alaska, and to gauge interest in and assess the need for regional training centers. The proposals will then be provided to Senator Stevens’ office for review and consideration. 

This solicitation of interest does not in any way, express or implied, commit the State of Alaska, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and Senator Stevens to make funding available. But based on the merit of the proposals, funds may be earmarked in the future, according to AHRIC Executive Director Jim Sanders.

“Right now, we’re looking for ideas for training centers, with a focus on training for grades 9 through 14, and we’re excited about the possibilities,” Sanders said. “Should Senator Stevens, Congress and the President of the United States deem one or more of the proposals to have merit, appropriations may be made or funds may be earmarked for one or more regional training centers in Alaska.”

Review of the proposals is based upon AHRIC's Future Workforce Strategic Policies and Investment Blueprint, a framework for strengthening vocational and technical education and training statewide. 

The issuing office must receive proposals no later than 5PM Alaska Prevailing Time (APT) on July 13, 2001. Copies of the complete Solicitation of Interest may be requested by contacting Mike Lohmann at (907) 269-4655; by Fax at (907) 269-4661, or Email: at the Workforce Investment Office, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Employment Security Division, 3301 Eagle Street, Suite 106 in Anchorage 99503-4188. The complete Solicitation of Interest can also be downloaded here.


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