DATE:  May 21, 2001     NO: 01-60

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Department of Labor and Workforce Development

News Release


Today the U.S. Census Bureau released the Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: Census 2000 for Alaska, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development announced. The profile includes a one-page table providing Census 2000 data on age and sex distribution, race, Hispanic origin, household relationship and type, housing occupancy and whether the housing unit is owned or rented. Data characteristics from Alaskaís Demographic Profile include:

  • The April 1, 2000 Census shows the total state population was 626, 932 with 51.7% males and 48.3% females
  • Alaskaís median age is 32.4 years, up from the 1990 Census of 29.4 years
  • The population age 65 and over was 35,699 or 5.7% of the total population, compared to 22,095 or 4.0% of the total population in 1990
  • Alaska has 260,978 total housing units, with 221,600 or 84.9% occupied housing units

The number of persons in group quarters was 19,349 or 3.1% of the total population:
· 4,824 persons or 0.8% are institutionalized in correctional facilities, juvenile facilities or nursing homes
· 14,525 persons in group quarters (2.3% of the total population) are non-institutionalized in college dormitories, military quarters, and group homes

In addition to the profile for the state, profiles are also available for boroughs/census areas, places, and Alaska Native Village Statistical Areas.

The data are available via the Internet through the Department of Laborís Web site here or in paper by contacting Ingrid Zaruba at (907) 465-2439.

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