DATE:  May 29, 2001     NO: 01-62  

CONTACT:  Remond Henderson PHONE: (907) 465-2720 

Department of Labor and Workforce Development

News Release


Juno Chance of Juneau has been promoted to Assistant Director of Labor and Workforce Development’s Division of Administrative Services, Commissioner Ed Flanagan announced today.

Chance brings to the department over 20 years of state and federal government financial management experience. 

“In addition to her high level financial management skills, Juno excels in team building,” Flanagan said. “She clearly likes to see people succeed and is a positive and motivating force. She has already done an outstanding job for the department since coming on board in December.”

Before coming to the Labor Department, Chance served as Chief Financial Officer for the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs overseeing $250 million in state and federal appropriations. 

As a finance officer, Chance has designed and developed new methods of cost accounting. While employed at Military and Veterans Affairs, she developed the national prototype of the administrative services cost allocation plan, which maximizes federal revenue from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U. S. Department of Defense. Chance also initiated a cash advance program with the U.S. Department of Defense allowing advance receipt of federal dollars. She also designed a unique appropriation management structure for the Governor’s Nome Project for the purpose of consolidating building management and maintenance across the state. In addition, Chance served as the state program manager for Army National Guard telecommunications projects. As chief accountant for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Chance was responsible for financial oversight of all federal grants and revenues and designed accounting systems for the newly established Alaska Mental Health Trust funding source. 

As Administrative Services Assistant Director, Chance oversees annual appropriations of $116 million and supervises a staff of thirty-one positions within the Juneau Fiscal Office and Anchorage Office Services. She is currently focusing on various administrative service function enhancement projects that will provide improved divisional administrative support. In addition to these projects, accounting structure modification with an emphasis on streamlining accounting processes and procedures has been initiated for implementation in state fiscal year 2002.

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