DATE:  June 18, 2001     NO: 01-67

CONTACT: Pennelope Goforth PHONE: (907) 269-4747
CONTACT: Laurie Fugalvog PHONE: (907) 465-5955

Department of Labor and Workforce Development

News Release

Seafood Industry Needs Workers Immediately

Seafood employers may not have enough workers to process salmon and pollock this summer. There are already over 700 openings listed with the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development's Job Centers. "We have serious concerns about this season; just getting enough workers. The return rate of seasonal workers is way down this year, and we need 90 workers by July 3rd," says Mike Timberman, Assistant Plant Manager of E.C. Phillips and Son in Ketchikan, commenting on his and other plants where labor will be a problem.

Large numbers of seafood workers are needed immediately for the next 7 weeks in Kenai, for the next 5 weeks in Bristol Bay, for the next 6 to 8 weeks in the Cordova/Valdez area, and for the next 8 weeks in Southeast Alaska (Note: some companies provide transportation to work sites and have room and board incentives, dependent upon completion of the work contract.)

75 immediate openings
60 immediate openings
60 immediate openings
100 immediate openings
Pedersen Point
40 immediate openings
Dutch Harbor
100 immediate openings
15 immediate openings
30 immediate openings
20 immediate openings
20 immediate openings
20 immediate openings
35 immediate openings
20 immediate openings
12 immediate openings
Larsen Bay
10 immediate openings
100 openings starting July 1
50 openings starting July 1
130 openings starting July 3
20 immediate openings
Kasilof (Kenai)
200 openings starting June 30

There are three ways to find information on seafood processing jobs:

1. Go to your nearest Alaska Job Center or call (907) 465-8900.
2. Call Laurie Fuglvog toll-free in the Alaska Department of Labor Seafood Employment Unit at 1-800-473-0688; have a pen and paper ready.
3. Go to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development's "Seafood Jobs In Alaska" Internet page, through the following web address:, click on "Seafood Jobs" and on "Current Openings."

The Anchorage Job Center, located at 3301 Eagle Street, has Seafood Job Orientations at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday. Interested workers should go directly to the orientation or call the Anchorage Seafood Hotline at (907) 269-4770, extension 7, for daily-recorded updates.

Seafood Processing Companies throughout Prince William Sound are currently working at full-capacity, to keep up with this year's great sockeye salmon runs, now at their peak. Community Seafood Employment Specialists in Alaska Job Centers are ready to call in, screen, and dispatch local and rural Alaskans for temporary jobs processing salmon and pollock.

Mike Timberman of E.C. Phillips and Son in Ketchikan can be contacted at: (907) 225-3121

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