Alaska Local Employment Dynamics

Local Employment Dynamics (LED) is a joint federal-state program that integrates employee wage data from state unemployment insurance records with data from a variety of sources, including information from internal Census records, the Social Security Admininistration, and other agencies. The Census Bureau provides these products:

LED employs state-of-the-art methods to protect confidentiality and yet release valid data for local or regional areas beyond traditional boundaries. To view an Alaska Economic Trends article describing LED, click here. To go to the U.S. Census Bureau’s LED website, click here.

Quarterly Workforce Indicators

Quarterly Workforce Indicators provides information about trends in employment, hiring, and job creation with details of geography, age, gender, and industry. In Alaska, the indicators can be queried at the state, borough/census area, and metropolitan area levels.

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OnTheMap is a mapping and reporting tool showing employment and home locations of workers with companion reports for user-defined areas.

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