The State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee

Mission:The State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee (SVRC) works with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to help alaskans with disabilities acheive quality employment outcomes.

Chairperson: Mary Elam, parent training and information center representative.


  • SVRC 2015 Annual Report
  • The 2015 State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee (SVRC) Annual Report gives an overview of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation program and SVRC activities.

  • Quarterly Meeting May 9-11 in Sitka
  • The SVRC will meet at the Westmark Sitka Hotel on May 9-11 to hear from people with disabilities, disabilty-related agencies, business owners and those involved with economic development. This is a key part of measuring the challenges and solutions throughout Alaska. The information is used in workforce development planning to ensure people with disabities can get andf keep good jobs.

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Business Recognition Award Winners

The SVRC recognizes businesses who make a notable effort to hire qualified workers with disabilities. The goal is to increase the hiring of qualified Alaskans with disabilities and help Alaskan employers find outstanding employees.

  • 2015 Anchorage Large Employer: Scott Bushee
  • Walmart Human Resource Manager

    A man and a women pose together. The man holds a framed certificate.

    DVR Employment Services specialist Gloria Lewellyn and award winner Walmart Market Human Resources Manager, Scott Bushee.

  • 2015 Anchorage Small Employer: Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop
  • Three people stand together, two women and one man. They are wearing business type clothes. The women hold a framed certificate.

    DVR Director John Cannon, award winner Fire Island Bakery co-owner, Janis Fleischman and SVRC Chair, Mary Ann Pruitt.

    Award winner Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop's website

  • Previous Award winners

Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

All surveys below are in PDF file format.