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Assistive Technology

More Than Just Wheelchairs

Assistive Technology (AT) includes a wide range of devices. It can help make life easier for people in all kinds of situations. For some people it has even greater impact, allowing them to succeed at a new job, participate more fully in their community or live independently in their own home.

Free and Used Assistive Technology in Alaska

The Alaska Trading Post is an online, searchable catalog of used and free AT in Alaska. It also lists equipment from local lending programs which you can try-out before you buy. Click on the search button in one of the categories below to get a list of available items from the AK Trading post. By clicking on any of the search buttons below you agree to these terms of service. The Alaska Trading Post is funded by a grant from and run by Assistive Technology of Alaska.



A man wears a headset with microphone while sitting at a desk using a laptop computer.

Computers & Related


A bathroom with toilet and sink and numerous handles and bars attached to the wall to make it easier to balance and move about the room.

Daily Living

a rectangular device with 8 pictures of sumbols including a lamp that is on and a lamp that is off. The other images are not discernable.

Environmental Controls


A small hearing aid, about an inch long, resting on the tip of a persons finger.



An educational kit with 7 cardboard clocks with moveable hands and several worksheets.

Learning, Cognition
and Developmental

A young, smiling girl using a wheelchair, rolling down a walkway.

Mobility, Seating and

A person playing tennis while sitting in a wheelchair that has wheels angled in at the top.

Recreation, Sports and

A woman sitting at a desk using a laptop computer and wearing a headset with microphone and some sort of wrist attachments.

Speech Communication

An older woman with grey hair sitting in a wheelchair that is on a lift attached to a van.

Vehicle Modification &

a rectangular device sits on top of a newspaper and magnifies the text of the newspaper. A person is sitting and looking at the device.


Help to Pay for AT

Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA)

ATLA provides training, free equipment demonstrations, short term loans and an equipment recycling program .
The ATLA Guide to Funding is especially useful .

AT Loan Program

The AT Loan Program provides loans with lower interest rates and/or longer term repayment timelines to purchase needed Assistive Technology (AT).

AT Training and Other Services

Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ACBVI)

Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ACBVI)
ACBVI provides day and residential instruction in daily living, orientation and mobility, braille, assistive technology and manual skills. Also provides services for finding, getting and keeping a job, on-the-job technology assessments, comprehensive low vision assessments and services for visually impaired seniors.

General Information

Network of Care

The Network of Care site contains a huge amount of disability related information. It has a database of over 21,000 available AT products which is updated every three months.  The database also includes non-commercial prototypes, customized and one-of-a-kind products, and do-it-yourself designs.

The site also has a library with over 4,000 articles on health conditions, medical tests and procedures, medications and everyday health and wellness tips, a comprehensive directory of services available in each area of Alaska.

State of Alaska ADA Coordinator’s Office

State of Alaska Department ADA Coordinators can help if you are having trouble accessing a state service or facility because of your disability. Their web site has their contact information and links to information about disability rights law and accessibility resources.

University of Alaska Disability Support Services

The University of Alaska has a variety of disability services located on its three, main campuses. Services include an Adaptive Computing Lab open to the community for workshops as well as production services for educational institutions or entities serving individuals with documented disabilities. Production services include alternate format material production and/or TypeWell meaning-for-meaning realtime communication access.

For Students in Alaska School Districts

Each school district has a special education director and/or special services director that would likely be the contact for Assistive Technology for students with disabilities.

Directory of Alaska Special Education Directors and Community Resource Providers

Special Education Handbook (DEED)

The handbook provides guidelines for the operation of local special education programs for children with disabilities.


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