State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee Reports

2018 Annual Report

The State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee (SVRC) Annual Reports give an overview of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation program and SVRC activities. Reports below are in PDF file format.

Cover of the 2018 SVRC Annual Report. Has a large picture of 6 medical professionals. 4 women stand in front. Two nurses dressed in black scrubs on either side of two doctors in white doctor coats, one with a stethescope. Two men stand in back of them. One is a doctor in white doctor coat. The other is a nurse in blue scrubs.


Previous Annual Reports

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Previous Reports

Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment and State Plan

The SVRC partners with DVR to develop various other plans and reports such as the Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment and DVR State Plan, which are available on DVR's More About Us webpage under Planning and Reports.