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U.S. Department of Labor Funded Grants

Active U.S. Department of Labor grants administered by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

In compliance with the Stevens Amendment:
Funding details for federal grant award totals are provided as follows, and revised annually. Unless otherwise stipulated, all statements, news releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, visual presentations, and other applicable documents and programs are fully funded from federal sources.

GrantFunding PeriodFunding Amount
Alaska State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula ProjectPY23 342,148
BLS Occupational Safety and Health StatisticsFY24 215,500
Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program FY23 115,000
Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program FY24 50,000
Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) ProgramFY22 96,350
Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) ProgramFY23 96,661
IT Implementation and Support Funding for SCSEPPY22 150,000
Jobs for Veterans State GrantsFY23 598,062
Jobs for Veterans State GrantsFY24 573,700
Labor Force StatisticsFY24 668,420
One-Stop Workforce Information GrantsPY21 284,363
One-Stop Workforce Information GrantsPY22 285,764
One-Stop Workforce Information GrantsPY23 286,168
OSHA 21(D) Consulation ProgramFY24 694,700
OSHA 23(G) State PlanFY24 1,681,600
Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) GrantFY23 857,611
Senior Community Service Employment (SCSEP) ProgramPY23 1,707,878
State Apprenticeship Expansion, Equity and Innovation (SAEEI) GrantsPY21 3,991,501
Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) ProgramFY23 100,000
Unemployment Insurance (UI) - CARES, First Week, PUA, PEUC, FPUC, MEUCFY20-FY23 17,607,082
Unemployment Insurance (UI) AdministrationFY22 22,676,685
Unemployment Insurance (UI) AdministrationFY23 23,353,704
Unemployment Insurance (UI) AdministrationFY24 24,412,663
Unemployment Insurance (UI) American Rescue Plan - Fraud Detection & PreventionFY22 1,228,000
Unemployment Insurance (UI) American Rescue Plan - Integrity GrantFY23 869,000
Unemployment Insurance (UI) American Rescue Plan - Tiger Team GrantFY23 1,491,750
Wagner-Peyser Employment Services (ES) ProgramPY21 7,264,229
Wagner-Peyser Employment Services (ES) ProgramPY22 7,307,972
Wagner-Peyser Employment Services (ES) ProgramPY23 7,365,091
WIOA Adult Program ActivitiesPY21/FY22 4,323,978
WIOA Adult Program ActivitiesPY22/FY23 3,923,005
WIOA Adult Program ActivitiesPY23/FY24 3,592,966
WIOA Dislocated Worker ProgramPY21/FY22 7,633,946
WIOA Dislocated Worker ProgramPY22/FY23 6,992,051
WIOA Dislocated Worker ProgramPY23/FY24 6,376,097
WIOA Youth ActivitiesPY21 4,596,951
WIOA Youth ActivitiesPY22 4,183,488
WIOA Youth ActivitiesPY23 3,824,865
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)FY23 166,000
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)FY24 22,539