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Decisions and Orders Digest for 2004

KETCHIKAN EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, NEA-AK/NEA vs. KETCHIKAN GATEWAY BOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT, Decision and Order No. 266 (June 18, 2004). The Petitioner's petition is denied. The collective bargaining agreement clearly and unambiguously gives the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District final authority and responsibility for the development of education programs. Thus, there is no need to compel the parties to arbitration under their collective bargaining agreement because the District has final authority over modification of the elementary reading program. Both the agreement and Alaska law provide the District with this authority.

ALASKA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION/AFT, AFL-CIO vs. STATE OF ALASKA, Decision and Order No. 267 (June 18, 2004). The State of Alaska did not violate the parties’ settlement of a dispute over the employee’s pay and benefits. There is no need to proceed to arbitration.

MATANUSKA-SUSITNA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, NEA-ALASKA vs. MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT, Case No. 02-1148-ULP Decision and Order No. 268 (August 30, 2004). The District did not commit an unfair labor practice by directly informing the Association's members of the facts regarding the District's contract proposals or by delaying the selection of an arbitrator..

ALASKA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES ASS'N/AFT, AFL-CIO (Vern Ably) vs. KETCHIKAN GATEWAY BOROUGH, Case No. 03-1244-ULP. Decision and Order No. 269 ( August 30,. 2004). The Alaska Public Employees Association/AFT, AFL-CIO (APEA) failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the Ketchikan Gateway Borough (Borough) discriminated against APEA member Vern Ably, because of Ably's union activity, when the Borough denied his request for a salary advance on July 2, 2003.

PUBLIC SAFETY EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION vs. STATE OF ALASKA AND ALASKA STATE EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION/AFSCME LOCAL 52, AFL-CIO, Case No. 03-1229-RCRD Decision and Order No. 270 (December 21, 2004). The petition of the Public Safety Employees Association to sever the Adult Probation and Parole Officers from the general government unit represented by the Alaska State Employees Association is denied. The Petitioner failed to demonstrate that the incumbent representative of the existing bargaining unit was not adequately representing the interests of the smaller group, and that the propsoed group is an appropriate unit, among other factors.

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF MASTERS, MATES AND PILOTS, (PACIFIC MARITIME REGION) vs. STATE OF ALASKA, Case No. 04-1303-ULP. Decision and Order No. 271 (December 28, 2004). The State of Alaska committed an unfair labor practice when it unilaterally changed a term or condition of employment without bargaining to impasse.

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