DATE: September 29, 2000      NO: 01-16

CONTACT: Joy Gallagher   Phone: (907) 465-4855

Department of Labor and Workforce Development

News Release


The Department of Labor and Workforce Development has granted a permanent variance from safety and health standards prescribed in 8 AAC 61.1040(a) to Icicle Seafoods, Inc. The variance allows them to provide a "tent camp" of auxiliary sleeping quarters with reduced ceiling height from 7 feet to a tent ceiling height of 64 inches inside their fenced perimeter of Petersburg Fisheries. The tents will provide 60 square feet per person as required by 8 AAC 61.1040(a) which states: "Each room used for sleeping purposes shall contain at least 60 square feet of floor space for each occupant. At least a 7-foot ceiling shall be provided."

Icicle will provide all the other facilities for cooking, meals, restrooms, showers, laundry, first aid, and recreation rooms. Local fire and city codes will be met. Icicle anticipates this tent camp to be used only during the peak season months of July and August.

Under AS 18.60.077, the commissioner may grant a variance to occupational safety and health standards when the employer unequivocally demonstrates that the proposed operation will provide conditions of employment as safe and healthful as those that would exist if the employer complied with the standard adopted by the department. The variance may be modified or revoked by the commissioner, either by his own motion or upon application by the employer or employees.

A copy of the Grant of Permanent Variance is available by writing the Labor Standards and Safety Division, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, PO Box 111149, Juneau, AK 99811-1149, or by calling (907) 465-4855.

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