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June jobs up 1.9 percent from June 2022

July 21, 2023
No. 23-10

JUNEAU, Alaska — June’s statewide job count was up by 6,400, or 1.9 percent, from June 2022.

Leisure and hospitality added 2,200 jobs over the year and exceeded pre-pandemic employment as the visitor season moved into full swing. The cruise industry anticipates a record 1.6 million passengers this season. Professional and business services added 600 jobs over the year, as did health care and retail.

Nearly all Alaska industries grew or remained flat, with two exceptions. The financial services sector and information were down 200 and 100 jobs, respectively. Both have been shedding jobs since their peaks in the 2000s as automation and other technology have reduced the need for labor.

The public sector added jobs over the year, led by federal government (+600). Local government, which includes public schools, was up by 500 jobs and state government by 200. Federal government has exceed pre-pandemic levels, but state and local government remain below.

Alaska’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.7 percent in June and the comparable U.S. rate was 3.6 percent.