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2020 Alaska Economic Trends

Alaska Economic Trends is a monthly magazine that covers a broad range of economic issues.

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Alaska Economic Trends are searchable from 1978 to the present using the Trends search page. The search can include any combination of the title or subtitle, date or date range, author, or full text.

June 2020 The Oil Industry's Ups and Downs
Click to read June 2020 Alaska Economic Trends

The industry's history of employment swings and how the current situation differs, and detailed April data on COVID-19-related job losses and April unemployment insurance benefit claimants.

June 2020 Trends


May 2020 Seasonal Jobs and COVID-19
Click to read May 2020 Alaska Economic Trends

Following up on Alaska's economy and COVID-19, including a look at seasonal jobs and the first wave of elevated unemployment claims.

May 2020 Trends


April 2020 COVID-19 and Alaska's Economy
Click to read April 2020 Alaska Economic Trends

Answering initial questions about the virus' short-term economic impacts.

April 2020 Trends


March 2020 Trends in the School-Age Population
Click to read March 2020 Alaska Economic Trends

School-age children make up about 18 percent of Alaska today, down from a peak of 29.2 percent in 1970.

March 2020 Trends

Also inside:
Total wages up 4.7 percent in the third quarter

February 2020 A Look at Alaska's 2019 Population
Click to read February 2020 Alaska Economic Trends

Alaska's population decreased 0.4 percent from July 2018 to July 2019, our new estimates show. The biggest drivers were a decline in the number of people moving to Alaska and fewer births.

February 2020 Trends

Also inside:
Unemployment claims over the last decade

January 2020 2020 Jobs Forecast
Click to read January 2020 Alaska Economic Trends

Alaska added about 1,600 jobs in 2019 after losing more than 11,000 during the recession of the prior three years. We forecast that trend will continue this year, but at a slower rate of 0.3 percent, or about 1,100 new jobs.

January 2020 Trends

Also inside:
Forecasts for Anchorage, the Fairbanks area, and Southeast



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