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Your Plan for Getting Work

You need a written work plan to get services

We call this an “Individualized Plan for Employment” or “IPE.” No two people have the same plan because everyone has different needs. You choose how much help you want from your counselor in writing your plan.

Your plan will include...

  • Job Goal: You choose this
  • Barriers to getting a job caused by your disability
  • Steps you plan to take to reach your job goal
  • Services you need to help you get a job
  • Whom you want to get the services from
  • Cost: How much each service costs and who pays for it
  • Timelines: When services begin and end. When you expect to start working
  • Progress: How you will measure your steps to getting a job
  • Responsibilities: Yours and DVR’s

Ways to Write Your Plan

You can choose how you develop your employment plan:

  • Work on it together with your DVR counselor
  • Do it by yourself
  • Work on it with a counselor who does not work for DVR
  • Work on it with your guardian or representative
  • Write it by hand or type it using forms that DVR gives you

We give you the information, forms, and any technical help you need. Once you draft your plan, you and your DVR counselor must talk about it and agree about everything in it. You may need to add or change something. Your services can start as soon as you both agree to the plan and sign it.

DVR has this information pack on tape, in large print, and in Braille. Ask your local DVR office.


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