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Who Qualifies for DVR assistance?

To qualify you must:

  • Have trouble getting or keeping a job because of a mental or physical problem.
  • Need services to prepare for, get, or keep a job.

We can find someone to assess your disability if you need it. We can pay for this, too.

If you get Social Security for a disability (SSI or SSDI) and want to work, you probably qualify for DVR. Let us know you are receiving these benefits when you turn in your application.

What We Need From You To See If You Qualify

  • Copies of medical records related only to your disability. We can get the records from your doctor if you give us permission in writing saying that it is O.K.
  • Or you can provide proof that you get Social Security for a disability such as check stubs, direct deposit statements, or your OK for us to contact Social Security.
  • Your work history (what jobs you have had before).
  • A form you have filled out to apply for help (your DVR application).
  • A meeting with a DVR counselor. We call it an “interview”.

More About Qualifying

  • We assume that you can work if you have the right supports and services.
  • Usually we can tell if you qualify in 60 days or less. Sometimes it takes longer.
  • We may ask you to show that you can work by taking part in a job “try-out.” In a job try-out, we get you a temporary job with a real employer.