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Having Problems with DVR?

We believe you will enjoy working with our staff at DVR. Sometimes, people don't agree. You may disagree with your counselor about your program. You can solve most problems by talking to your counselor or the regional manager.

What can you do if you need more help with a disagreement?

1. Call the Client Assistance Program (CAP).

The Client Assistance Program helps people who have problems with DVR. It is separate from DVR.They do not charge to help you. CAP can also help you with the steps below. Call this number for a CAP representative near you: 1-800-478-1234.

2. Ask for an Administrative Review.

This is an informal meeting with a DVR staff member who has not worked on your case. Write asking for an Administrative Review within 30 days of the decision or action that you don't agree with. Send your letter to the DVR Hearing Officer, whose
address is listed below.

3. Ask for Mediation Services.

Mediation is another way to help clear up disagreements. A trained person, not employed by DVR, tries to help people on both sides agree. Ask for mediation by writing to the DVR Hearing Officer, whose address is listed below.

4. Ask for an Impartial Due Process Hearing.

An Impartial Due Process Hearing is a formal review. Ask for an Impartial Due Process Hearing by writing a letter to the DVR Hearing Officer, whose address is listed below.

Note: DVR cannot pay for your legal services.

Write what the problem is, including the date of the decision or action you want reviewed.  Send your letter by certified mail within 30 days of the action or decision you don't agree with.

DVR Hearing Officer

801 West 10th Street, Suite A
Juneau, Alaska 99801

DVR has this information in alternative formats. Ask you local DVR office.

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Phone: (907) 465-2814
Toll Free: (800) 478-2815
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Address: 801 W. 10th Street,
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