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Labor Commissioner Anticipates Substantial Increase Of Individuals Filing For Unemployment Insurance

March 17, 2020
No. 20-06

JUNEAU, Alaska — Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development Dr. Tamika L. Ledbetter announced today that the department anticipates a substantial increase of individuals filing for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits as a result of recent business reductions and closures due to COVID-19.

The department encourages individuals whose hours of work have been impacted to file for UI benefits online at Instructions for filing benefits, the UI handbook, Frequently Asked Questions, and other resources can be located at:

Due to anticipated increase in claims activity, the department asks that individuals first file a claim online and only call the UI Claim Centers if they have questions. Individuals calling the UI Claim Center may encounter long wait times and are encouraged to use the call back feature. They will be given an opportunity to select this option and receive a return call from UI staff versus waiting on hold for long periods.

Contact information for the UI Claim Center: Anchorage (907) 269-4700, Fairbanks (907) 451-2871, Juneau (907) 465-5552, all other areas (888) 252-2557.

Online resources are also available for individuals looking for a job or a second job. The Alaska Job Center Network has links to AlaskaJobs - Alaska's Job Bank, job seeker resources, labor market information, the Alaska Career Information System, veterans’ services, and more. Visit

The department’s Rapid Response website contains information on multiple topics for both employers and workers. The Layoff Guide is specifically designed for workers in transition and offers information on health benefits under COBRA, job hunting tips, cover letters, dealing with finances during a layoff, and multiple programs to assist workers during this difficult time. Visit

For questions regarding wage and hour laws, such as when a worker should receive a paycheck after a temporary shutdown, or if cashing out accrued leave is required, the department’s Wage and Hour Administration can assist. Contact Wage and Hour in Anchorage (907) 269-4900, Fairbanks and North Pole (907) 451-2886, Juneau and Southeast (907) 465-4842, or email at Visit

For additional assistance, please call one of the state’s 14 Alaska Job Centers at (877) 724-2539.