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Work Registration Requirements

The following work registration requirements pertain to workers collecting regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

Upon filing for regular unemployment insurance benefits a worker will be required to register for work. A worker’s individual circumstances and place of residence will determine the work registration. To be eligible for benefits a worker must fulfill work registration requirements timely.

Available for work

To be eligible for benefits a worker must be able and available for full time work. To be considered available for work, a worker must be registered for work as required.

Registration for work

Workers living in Alaska, must register and create an online resume in AlaskaJobs at within 7 days of establishing an initial claim. A worker’s registration and resume will stay active as long as the worker actively engages in work searches and job referral activities in AlaskaJobs.

Workers living outside of Alaska, must register with their local employment service center within seven days of establishing an initial claim. Information about other state’s UI programs and work registration requirements can be found at U.S. DOL Career One Stop at

Returning to full time work within 45 days

When a worker is temporarily laid off from work with a definite date to return back to full time work of 40 hours or more a week, they may potentially receive a deferred work registration. The maximum length a registration can be deferred due to a definite return to full time work date is 45 consecutive days.

For an offer of full time work to be considered definite it must be bona fide and verifiable.
In cases in which the full time work does not begin as previously reported; it is the worker’s responsibility to contact the claim center to report the reason for the full time work not beginning as scheduled.

Work registration types

Full Work Registration

All workers with a full registration are required to register, create and maintain an online resume in Alaska’s Job Bank AlaskaJobs within 7 days of filing an initial claim for UI benefits. Failure to meet these requirements by the scheduled due date may result in the denial of UI benefits.

Rural Alaskan Work Registration

All workers residing more than 55 road miles from a local Alaskan Job Center will receive a rural Alaskan registration and will not be required to meet the work registration requirements of those claimants residing within 55 road miles of a local job center.

Interstate Work Registration

All worker’s residing outside of Alaska, who have not been deferred from registering, are required to register with their local state employment service office within 7 days from the date an initial claim is filed. All claimants must register for work and maintain the work registration in accordance with the statutes, regulations and procedures of the state of residency.

Union Work Registration

All workers normally dispatched for work by a labor union must be in good standing with their union and on the out of work list to receive a union work registration.

Deferred Work Registration

A worker may be deferred from registering for work under the following circumstances: temporarily unemployed with a definite date to return to full-time work within 45 days; unemployed due to a strike or labor dispute; traveling immediately within 14 days of filing an initial claim for the purpose of relocating outside of Alaska; or, under an approved waiver of availability under AS 23.20.378 or 23.20.382.