The SVRC: Who We Are and What We Do

The State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee (SVRC) is a group of volunteers from around Alaska who are appointed by the Governor. The SVRC works in partnership with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to ensure quality services to assist Alaskans with disabilities get and keep good jobs and provides input on the administration of the State’s Assistive Technology grant. The SVRC includes people with disabilities, community rehabilitation providers, representatives from independent living, special education and Tribal VR programs, advocates, VR participants, and business leaders.


  • Collaborate with DVR to identify key challenges and opportunities that affect the ability of individuals with disabilities to obtain employment.
  • Assist in the preparation and updating of the DVR State Plan and the State Plan for Assistive Technology.
  • Collect information through public testimony and consumer surveys to analyze the effectiveness othe DVR program, consumer satisfaction with vocational rehabilitation (VR) services, and consumer input regarding AT.
  • Prepare an annual report on the status and effectiveness of the VR program.
  • Jointly with DVR conduct a tri-annual comprehensive needs assessment and develop and review DVR’s goals and priorities.
  • Advise DVR on policies and procedures regarding VR service.
  • Work to increase access to AT and acquisition of AT by people with disabilities.
  • Coordinate with other councils in the state, including the Alaska Workforce Investment Board, the State Independent Living Council, and the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education.

The SVRC meets quarterly. Three of those meetings are by teleconference. The one face-to-face meeting a year is held in the most cost effective location.

At these meetings, the SVRC hears from people with disabilities, partner agencies, business owners and those involved with regional economic development. This is a key part of measuring the challenges and solutions throughout Alaska.

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