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SVRC Business Recognition Awards

SVRC Business Recognition Awards

The State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee recognizes Alaskan businesses who, through their actions, policies and procedures, make exceptional efforts to employ people with disabilities and who recognize the value that employees with disabilities bring to their business.

Awards Presented Where They Make a Big Impact for a Low Cost

The SVRC partners with the Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education to announce the awards at the Society of Human Resource Managers Conferences. Our message that hiring people with disabilities can be an important part of a successful businesses is heard by hundreds of HR professionals from across Alaska. The award is presented by SVRC members and DVR staff who live in Anchorage, so there are no travel costs.

The SVRC also presents the awards to employers in their local community. We pick events that bring the business value and help spread the positive aspects of hiring people with disabilities among businesses, such as at local Chamber of Commerce meetings. Again, awards are presented by local SVRC members and/or DVR staff, so no travel costs are incurred.

2016 Winners

2016 Awards focused on the Southern region of Alaska. They were announced at the 2016 Society for Human Resource Managers Conference and will be presented in November at the Juneau and Sitka Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Large Employer: Fred Meyer, Juneau

Fred Meyer logo: Red lettering in a strng sans serif font.

From Award winner Fred Meyer's website

"Supporting thecommunities we work in is central to how we do business at Freddy's. Learn more about the organizations we support, as well as donation and sponsorship opportunities."

Small Employer: Sea Mart, Sitka

Sea Mart Quality foods cartoon logo.

From award winner Sea Mart's Website:

"We believe that:

  • Every trip to Sea Mart should be a delightful one
  • Spirit is what makes us stand out
  • Community matters
  • Investing in people is always a good thing
  • Our employees are integral to our success

2015 Awards

2015 Awards focused on the Anchorage region. They were announced at the 2015 Society for Human Resource Managers Conference. The small employer award was presented at that conference. Because Scott was unable to attend the conference, Walmart's award was presented to Scott Bushee at an Anchorage Walmart store in front of the staff there.

2015 Anchorage Large Employer: Scott Bushee

Walmart Human Resource Manager

A man and a women pose together. The man holds a framed certificate.

DVR Employment Services specialist Gloria Lewellyn and award winner Walmart Market Human Resources Manager, Scott Bushee.

2015 Anchorage Small Employer: Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop

Three people stand together, two women and one man. They are wearing business type clothes. The women hold a framed certificate.

DVR Director John Cannon, award winner Fire Island Bakery co-owner, Janis Fleischman and SVRC Chair, Mary Ann Pruitt.

Award winner Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop's website