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Appeals Guide - Appeals To Superior Court

The decision of the Commissioner will include information on your right to further appeal in Superior Court. You can appeal any Commissioner decision that resolves the issues of the case. You cannot appeal a Commissioner decision that does not resolve the matter in dispute but simply sends the case back to the Appeal Tribunal for a new decision or the DETS for a new determination. You may, however, appeal the subsequent Appeal Tribunal decision or DETS determination. Appeals to the Superior Court must be filed within 30 days from the date the Commissioner decision is mailed to an interested party the claimant for unemployment insurance benefits; (B) an employing unit, if the determination or the appeal relates to a claimants separation from that employing unit, or the liability of the employing unit for contributions; (C) the director or any employee of the division designated by the director ... [8 AAC 85.010(5)','#155491')" ;> as provided in AS 23.20.445, AS 44.62.560-570 and the Rules of Appellate Procedure of the State of Alaska. Unless a timely appeal is filed, the Commissioner decision becomes final. Contact the Court for more information.