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ES Tax FAQs 22

Are the wages/salaries/draws paid to corporate officers reportable for ES contributions?

If the corporation was formed under Alaska Statute 10.06 wages paid to corporate officers are not covered for unemployment and should NOT be listed on the wage schedule portion of the Employer's Quarterly Contribution Report OR be included in the total wages on Line 2 of the report.

Non-profit organizations and financial institutions are not incorporated under AS 10.06 and any corporate officer wages for these entities must be reported.

Corporations that have an approved election of coverage on file for their corporate officers should list each corporate officer's wages as for any other employee. Corporate officers who have elected coverage are subject to the same reporting requirements and taxable wage base as other employees until such time as coverage is ended. Coverage may be ended by written notification no later than March 15 of the year for which termination is requested.

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