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Employment Security Tax

The Employment Security Tax section is responsible for providing assistance and information to employers concerning the Unemployment Insurance (UI) contributions program and for the collection of UI contributions.

Scam Alert


Disregard any payment demands by a third party regarding your Employment Security Tax account. We do not use a third party to collect missing quarterly reports or payments from Alaska employers. In addition, payments should only be made directly to our agency either in-person, by mail, or online using TaxWeb by selecting Online employer services.

Unemployment Insurance fraud

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development takes fraudulent activities to collect UI benefits seriously. If an individual obtains benefits through fraud, the individual is ineligible for any additional benefit payments, must re-pay the benefits and is subject to criminal prosecution. DOLWD will vigorously pursue all fraudulent activities to the fullest extent of the law.

If an individual refuses an offer of work because unemployment insurance pays more than their weekly wage, is asking to be laid off, or requests to have their hours reduced so they can collect UI benefits, they may be committing fraud. Employers should immediately report these activities for investigation.

Employers may send the following information to the unemployment insurance office by email at or by fax to (907) 931-6400:

  • Business name,
  • Contact information,
  • Individual’s first and last name,
  • Last four of the individual’s social security number if available and
  • A brief description of the activity.

A representative will contact the business for additional information.