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Division of Workers' Compensation
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Workers' Compensation Reemployment Benefits
        Beth Tusten, Reemployment Benefits Administrator

The Reemployment Benefits Section is responsible for administering the retraining program for injured workers in the Alaska workers’ compensation system. The section:

  • serves as a resource for the injured worker, employers/insurers, and rehabilitation specialists throughout the reemployment process;
  • works with injured workers and their employers/insurers to provide information about the program;
  • assigns injured workers for eligibility evaluations to private sector rehabilitation specialists (counselors) as appropriate;
  • reviews rehabilitation specialist reports to determine eligibility;
  • assigns eligible injured workers who want retraining to rehabilitation specialists for development of a retraining plan;
  • reviews retraining plans for approval or denial at the request of the injured worker or employer/insurer when they cannot agree on a retraining plan;
  • works with injured workers and their employers/insurers to resolve disputes about retraining benefits without litigation; and
  • conducts proceedings to determine if an injured worker has cooperated with the retraining plan.

INJURED WORKER: If you were injured on or after November 7, 2005 please note: If the insurer has accepted your claim and you have been totally unable to return to your job at the time of injury for 45, 60 or 90 consecutive days as a result of the injury, those are important landmarks. We are required by law to notify you of your rights regarding retraining after 45 consecutive days. If you have not heard from us by the 60th consecutive day please contact us.

If you have been totally unable to return to your job for 60 to 89 consecutive days, you or the insurer may request an evaluation of your eligibility for reemployment benefits (retraining). The request may be approved, and you will be assigned to a rehabilitation specialist for an evaluation, if medical documentation is provided to this office by you or the employer/insurer documenting that your injury may permanently keep you from returning to your job at the time of injury.

If you have been totally unable to return to your job at the time of injury for 90 consecutive days as a result of the injury, we are required by law to assign a rehabilitation specialist to perform an eligibility evaluation so we may determine if you qualify for reemployment benefits. Please contact us if you have not received notification of an evaluation within ten days of that landmark.

If you were injured prior to November 7, 2005 contact our office for information about receiving retraining benefits.

Guide for Preparing Reemployment Benefits Eligibility Evaluations (Form 07-6161)
Eligibility Evaluation Checklist (Form 07-6150)
Offer of Alternative Employment (Form 07-6151)
Reemployment Benefits Plan Checklist (Form 07-6171)


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